The Dark Moon

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“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”

                                  - Mark Twain


The Dark Moon is our latest release of our first line of Gi’s. Featuring a Black and White version, this Gi is going to keep you looking professional on the mats as well as extremely comfortable. Our honeycomb weave design gives the fabric a “wafer” feel and feels lighter than traditional pearl weave while maintaining durability at 450gsm. The collar is made of EVA foam and twill fabric on the outside. Our pants feature a draw string and twill fabric with reinforced knees. Our custom artwork is done on fully sublimated Lycra on the inner shoulders to provide superior comfort while rolling. 

  • Honeycomb Weave
  • 450gsm fabric 
  • EVA foam collar
  • Twill pants w/ drawstring
  • fully sublimated Lycra inner shoulder lining
  • Custom artwork on Gi bag and interior lining